Live wails and musical gales, folk tales and prison bails, let the party get started with a fresh-faced crew of groove rabbis.

Mike Preston: Guitar/Vocals
Olivier Boissy: Drums/Vocals
Kyle Priber: Bass/Vocals
Niko Koumarianos: KeysVocals
Jamie Ballard: Drums

Gingerfunk Allstars and various savants have made appearances across Northern Virginia for more than two years, bringing a wide variety of hits and forgotten treasures to audiences young and less young, new and comfortably broken in. Original members Seth Penick (Percussion) and Mike Preston (Guitar/Vocals) have searched tirelessly for the missing link. Like musical archaeologists uncovering hidden jewels of rock n roll and funk paragons, they journeyed to the center of the musical earth to find lost wonders of good vibrations. Satisfied upon enrichment, Seth and Mike began hauling the rosetta stones of sonic fury back home. To complete their prodigal journey whilst carrying such heaviness, they needed essential parishioners from the Faith of Funk to bring forth the rediscovered beats, and to bestow said nuggets of knowledge upon the hungry masses. With frequent guests such as fantastic guitarists Sol Roots and Scott Wilbur, or vocalist David M. Body, the GFAS crew is set to reignite stale pool halls, sticky-floored watering holes, greasy dives, and boisterous clubs.